>Sometimes I love storms. Even though I have been annoyed at all the gloominess and rain that has taken place since I got back, yesterday’s rain was different. It was intense, and it kept the streets of Manhattan quiet, as very few people wanted to venture out and be soaked within seconds. The City is a different place when it’s deserted like this, and just enjoyed the semi-stillness of it.

Husband and I went over to Brother-in-Law’s for the afternoon. Even just crossing the street to get to BIL’s apartment left my jeans soaked up to the knees. The boys experimented with chocolate dumpling recipes. There is nothing like eating experimental chocolate dumplings on a rainy afternoon. Some were filled with strawberries, some bananas, some Nutella, some peanut butter. We also watched the Return of the Jedi on TV. Unfortunately, it had the new stupid ending, but it was still good fun. Luke Skywalker really is sort of a douche bag, even if he does triumph nicely at the end. Seeing young Harrison Ford reminded me what a horrendous idea Indiana Jones 4 is.

I also walked ¼ mile to Barnes & Noble to pick up my bookclub’s April selection, Mrs. Dalloway, plus Everybody into the Pool, a memoir I partially read when it came out by Beth Lisick that is hilarious, and an intro to Hindi set. I’m not remotely excited about this, but at least it’s short. Hopefully, my bias against it will turn out to be wrong, and it’ll be the best book I’ve ever read on a flight to Florida. Yeah. After a thorough drenching, I discovered the store had neither the Hindi set I wanted nor the memoir, so I slogged back through sidewalks strewn with oodles of puddles to BIL’s, where I ate more chocolate dumplings and ordered Mrts. Dalloway online from B&N for a discount and the Hindi set. It better fucking arrive here tomorrow as promised or I’ll be peee-ahssed.

All in all, this weekend has made me 100% happy to be back home for the first time since I got back two weeks ago, which is great.