>Last week's insomnia, which resulted in either almost no sleep or anxiety-ridden sleep, finally caught up with me last night. My eyelids began fluttering shut around 9:05 pm. Within minutes, I was dreaming of India although the light was on in the bedroom and Husband was reading a magazine next to me in bed.

Barnes & Noble finally received the Hindi course I ordered last week. I picked it up on Saturday afternoon, and was relieved to find that it came with a book and two CDs. Then it occurred me that the only place I can listen to the CDs is at home or on my laptop, which is not very convenient. My iPod is a Shuffle, which means that I can't organize MP3s and select which files I want to listen to. I don't think that I want my Hindi lessons to come on while I am at the gym, between Madonna and the Beatles.

I wracked my brain. Finally, it hit me. I could use the Barbie Girls prototype MP3 player for my Hindi lessons!

Oh, this combination of learning tools cracks me up.

Just a reminder: tomorrow is finally May 1. Every first of the month is Blog Exchange Day. I didn't sign up last time because I was in India, but tomorrow my usual crazy rantings and stories will be over at Web Kittyn Warbles and Web Kittyn's insights will be here. The theme is Mother's Day.