>The most frequent recurring dream that I have involves language classes. Most often, I dream that I am in high school and have not attended my German class in months. The final is approaching and I realize that not only do I not know the difference between wunderbar and toll (or whatever), but I can't even remember where the classroom is. Sometimes involves my college Spanish class. Regardless of the language, I am unable to explain how the hell I let the situation spin so far out of control. I feel like the biggest idiot, and my sense of impending failure is overwhelming. I wake up feeling more anxious than ever.

What particularly interests me is that this dream centers around foreign language. I definitely struggled with it in high school because I was absent so often, had a bad memory, and unable to distinguish between the sound "ihr" and "er," which is pretty critical in German. Thanks to a kind teacher, I did well. On the other hand, I battled with math far more ferociously than German for two out of three of the same reasons. I came extremely close to failing a semester each of geometry and trigonometry. (Final grades in the second semesters of both: D.) I'm surprised that my nightmares never are about forgetting the quadratic formula or how to calculate co-sine.

If you ever have a nervous drama that repeatedly unfolds in your sleep, I am curious to hear what the scenario is.