>After my roller skating escapade, I walked down to the Bugaboo office in the Garment District. The editor asked me to come in and help finalize a special issue we are putting out in May on Central Park.

I ranted about people's poor grammatical skills before. I don't care if things are perfect or follow grammar rules to the T when it comes to blogging because these are things that people write for themselves and as shared journals of a sort. However, if you are going to write for a formal publication, please fucking follow some damn standards. For example, despite my previous blog post below (which falls into the blog exemption for grammar, anyway), sentences should not begin with the word "and." Maybe I can deal with it once in awhile, but certainly not as the last line of every fucking paragraph. Same goes for "but."

It is driving me crazy that I am sitting in a stuffy office on a stunning Sunday afternoon reading such drivel. Grrr... No more "ands" or "buts." (Ifs, however, are fine.