>A few weeks ago, I submitted 3000 or so words of a memoir that I'd like to write about growing up, getting a new and not entirely welcome body in the tween and teen years, and then not long after that, watching it crumble and slightly fall apart in little ways to The Memoirists Collective on MySpace. Nothing too dramatic, but a funny coming of age saga that lots o' people can relate to.

Of course now that I am in India, they selected my story to be workshopped and commented on! You can find it at MySpace Memoirists Collective Blog

If you are a MySpace member, please leave some feedback for me! If you aren't a lemming like me (and thus don't have a MySpace account - good for you!), if you can let me know what you think by leaving your thoughts here at CUSS, that would be awesome. I've posted a version of this story here eons ago, but I really flushed it out with the magic of dialogue.