>Husband overheard the following conversation between a blond woman in her 30s and her gay friend as she worked out on an elliptical machine and he sweated it out on the treadmill next to her:

Bitch 1: So I think my maid is stealing from us.

Bitch 2: No way, honey! What are you going to do?

Bitch 1: I called my mom, and she said, "What did you think was going to happen? The help stole from us all the time."

Bitch 2: Tsk, tsk.

Bitch 1: Plus, I don't think the nanny does enough. When I'm playing with my children, the nanny should be cleaning.

Bitch 2: (Sighing heavily.) Good help is so hard to find. I am so sorry you have to deal with this.

Yes, folks, it is a damn good thing that I was not there to witness this. I am not sure that I would not have "accidentally" dropped a weight on her as I passed by.

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