>Good times were had on my overnight road trip with Steph. We left her parents’ house in PA around 10:30 PM, and arrived at her apartment at 6:00. In the ensuing 7.5 hours, much cackling was done, crude comments and jokes made, darkness observed outside, tractor trailers passed, one pit stop (both for gas for her dad’s car and emptying my bladder) occurred, and an inane interaction at a McDonald’s drive through window took place.

“We’ll take the #4 breakfast, coffee, a Coke, and a vanilla milk shake,” Steph yelled into the machine.

“We don’t have milk shakes at this time,” a voice crackled back. “That’ll be $4.11.”

“I’ll have a parfait yogurt then,” I told Steph.

She tried to order it, but the machine made noises at us, which we thought might have told us to pull around to the window. At the window, it seemed like the person on the other end of the machine might have heard the parfait request. Steph reminded her we wanted one.

“That’ll be $5.11 then,” she replied. Pause. “Oh wait. We don’t have any parfaits now. That’ll be $4.11.”

“What the fuck do you have?” I muttered. I leaned over Steph. “Do you have any apple dippers?” I asked the woman.

“Yes, we do. That’ll be $5.11,” she sneered at us. Then we neglected to receive cream, sugar, and a stirring device for Steph’s coffee.

Despite the Mickey D’s incident (which really was not that bad), there is nothing like a road trip with a close friend. We slept at her place for an hour or so, then got up to meet our other friend Hanah. It was great seeing her and capping off the trip with unhealthy eats at Bob Evans.

I knew I was overtired when I was waiting for my flight at the airport because I read a teeny blurb about a new special edition DVD of Ghost and I was practically sobbing in the little waiting area as I thought about that scene where Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze have their last good-byes. I’m getting teary eyed again writing about it. Yeesh.