>While I claim to have left my previous life as an expert in child care policy behind, two articles that I wrote about child care reveal the lie. If you want to know why I believe that investments in quality early childhood education is the best rate of return an investor will ever see, check out my article at The Panelist. (The Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis armed me with the facts to make such a bold assertion.) If you want to read a wonkish discussion that I hosted and edited about the future of child care in New York City, read my ”City Conversation” at City Limits Weekly.

It just doesn’t get any more exciting than this. Oh wait. I lied again. In the next few days, my seven pages of fluff and pandering on the wonderful things that luxury condos offer families will be available in Bugaboo Magazine, where I am an intern. Fortunately, that is followed by seven pages of me rambling on about what I like about several neighborhoods in the City, even if it is slightly sullied by the parameters I had to work within. Plus a nice blurb about the new evolution exhibit at the Museum of Natural History, which my joke comparing Joan Rivers to Lucy the 3 million year old skeleton was cut, but I still like the article anyway. And that’s not all, folks! March’s Bugaboo also brings two tiny travel promos, one a luxury resort in St. Lucia and one over the top kid-friendly resort in Orlando.

Yes, it’s been a busy and bipolar little time leading up to this. (Perhaps this explains my second bout of insomnia in three days?) Now, if only it will lead to magazines wanting to print my essays about having a breast reduction (satire), my family background (drama), my failed tenure as a sex columnist in college (irony), and my visit to the fertility specialist although I don’t want to get pregnant (satire, irony, & drama). Anyone?