>About 4 years ago, Husband and I joined an expensive and fancy gym chain with a location across the street from our apartment. We were only able to do so because Husband's company owns a part of the venture capital fund that owns the gym, so we were given the discount rate offered to models and other famous people.

At first, I grumbled over our new membership because I was pretty much the fattest woman in the entire gym, and certainly the hairiest. Then over the years, the membership diversified a bit, so I just got used to it. A few months ago, the branch by our apartment closed "temporarily" (it is being torn down to make way for a luxury condo, which will include a "new and improved" branch when it is done), and a small temporary location opened a few blocks away for some of the members. It is a freaking hole in the wall, and yet we are still paying premium prices, which I bitch about nonstop.

The benefit, however, is that we can go to any branch of the gym across the nation. I have taken advantage of this many times, especially in the City, when I go to a gym sometimes to check my email or use the bathroom facilities. Earlier this evening, while I was trying to have dinner with Des, I really put my membership privileges to good use. I say "trying" to have dinner because I had a ferocious migraine that made me nauseous, and the stupid little restaurant did not have a public bathroom. I went across the street to the gym twice, ending the evening by puking up some fruit snacks that I ate on my way to dinner.

The nicest part of vomiting at a branch of my fancy gym is that they offer mouthwash by the sinks. I'd never had occasion to use it before, but much to my delight, I found that it was the most pleasant mouthwash I ever used. Now only was it tasty as hell, but it very effectively washed that barf aftertaste right out of my mouth. I must find out what it is.