>Before I leave at the crack of dawn tomorrow for my journey to India, I want to thank everyone who wished me a good trip. Special thanks go to:

Karrie at One Weird Mother for her awesome tip about Eddie Bauer Outlet, which I did not know existed. Not only did I get the almost-perfect skirt (it would be perfect except that they only had white left) for only $14.99, but I also got a nice sweater for $15.99, and a cotton dress for $13.99. It is a great find!

Suebob at Red Stapler for her Pepto-every-time-you-eat-to-avoid-evil-shits tip. I was able to stop by the pharmacy this morning and pick some up.

Mara for her email to me advising me not to eat meat. (Her husband has been to India before and suggested it.) I don't know if I can follow that advice (oh, lamb korma and chicken tikka masala, you tempt me so already!), but I definitely will try my best.

Tomorrow morning I head to Chicago, where I will spend the day with my dad, meet my mom for lunch at her work, and otherwise hang out until my evening flight to New Delhi. I booked the ticket with Husband's frequent flier miles. They charged me for business class (135,000 miles plus $18.70 for taxes and fees), but I'm still in coach right now on the way there. I'm hoping they will give me the stupid seat I paid for so that I can spend 15 hours and change in relative comfort (really, I just want the ice cream sundae they serve to the important people), and am keeping my fingers crossed. If it doesn't work out, oh well. I can't complain about a round trip ticket to India that cost less than $19.

The schedule in India is Delhi on Sunday and Monday, Agra on Tuesday and Wednesday, Jaipur on Thursday and Friday, returning to Delhi on Sat. The rest of the group is then departing India, but I am staying on for another day by myself. I arrive back in Chicago on April 2 just in time for the first night of Passover. I have not had Passover with my family since I went to NYC for school in 1994, so I am pretty excited. Tuesday, April 3 I come back to NYC just in time for the second night of Passover in Long Island with my in-laws. I'm sure I'll be a barrel of fun that night. Ha! At least I'll have gifts.

Anyway, next time I blog will be from India!