>OK, so I lied when I said that my next post would be from India. My flight was sorted out, so I am really excited. The benefits of being married to Husband are immense. Next, he's working on getting an upgrade for my friend, too.

All this made me think about the insane lunch I had this afternoon. I went with on of the Bugaboo editors to an Israeli place. There was a long line, but when it was my turn to order, I opened my mouth to say what I wanted and the guy standing behind me shouted his order over my head. Fortunately, the counter guy ignored him and started making my shawaful sandwich, which is a combo of chicken shwarma and I think falaful, but I wasn't sure because I couldn't hear what the counter guy said over the bloviating of the asshole behind me.

The line moved towards the register, and people paid for their food in order, regardless of whether their lunch was ready or not. When it was my turn, the register guy asked me what I had. I opened my mouth to say shawaful, and - you guessed it - the guy behind me yelled that he had falaful. The two sandwiches arrived at the counter within seconds of each other. The dickhead kept insisting on what he had was to go, confusion took over. A sandwich was put in a bag, taken out, then re-bagged. I paid and took what I was handed.

As I chatted with the editor, I was not paying very much attention to my sandwich. After I ate about half of it, I exclaimed upon how good the salad in my sandwich was. Then I remembered that I didn't put a salad in my sandwich. Nor was there any chicken shwarma in it. I returned to the counter, explained what happened, and they gave me a little side dish of shwarma. It wound up working out very nicely for me.

I hope that the guy who took my sandwich is a vegetarian.