>In addition to having an awesome husband who tapes googlie eyes onto dildos and a loving but kooky family (the best kind because they are there for you and provide great fodder for stories), I am lucky to have several very close friends. Although she abandoned me 2.5 years ago to go to grad school in North Carolina, Steph is one of them. (VR – she's the one who gave me those fab pajamas that I'm wearing in the dildo picture.)

After we graduated from college, Steph and I spent an obscene amount of time together. She used to come over nearly every night, we'd have dinner, then we'd watch TV in bed (there was no other place to watch it because I lived in a 200 square foot apartment and we could either own a bed or couch). Husband worked in investment banking and usually arrived home around 11:00, at which point she'd usually take off, although sometimes the three of us would watch TV in bed together, with me snuggled between the two of them. Ah, those were the days.

Anyway, back to the present time, Steph is done with grad school and interviewing for jobs in Pennsylvania. I am very excited, as this means I will definitely be able to see her more often. She's flying up to Philly tonight, then tomorrow has two interviews in the area, then is going to drive back to NC with her parents' car because her Mustang convertible, a sleek road machine when she was 16, is now a jalopy death trap that needs to be replaced. And since Steph operates best at night, she'll embark upon her road trip around midnight. Although she told me that she only stops once on the 6-7 hour drive, and that is the only time I would be allowed to use the bathroom, I am giddy with anticipation at accompanying her.

I'll meet her tomorrow night in Pennsylvania by her folks' house. We'll rest for a few hours, then set out on the open road, looking for adventure or whatever comes our way. When we get to North Carolina in the morning, we will meet Hanah for breakfast at Bob Evans. Then one of them will drive me to the airport, and I shall fly home. I am psyched.