>My group trip to India is ending this evening. I'll still be here for another day in New Dehli, but the rest of the tour group is heading back to Chicago. I am going to miss so many people terribly. It's hard to spend almost every minute of the day with people whose company you really enjoy and then not see most of them ever again. I'm going to really struggle with not seeing Ray for a long time.

Anyway, we have a six hour bus ride back to Dehli, so I plan to write up a huge story about our elephant ride, Fearless Leader's latest antics (he took us "shopping" for an entire afternoon at two more evil tourist traps), and my wonderful chat with Mr. Singh and Bus Driver. In the meantime, he's a glimpse of Dehli.This is from the rickshaw ride through the markets of Old Dehli. Every street was this crowded or sometimes somehoe worse. (This is also one of the pictures that I accidentally deleted and my hero John recovered for me.) I have particular affection for the rickshaw ride because I shared my rickshaw with someone I didn't know on our trip and discovered what a delightful, fun, and irreverant person he is. Ray and I have sought his company constantly ever since.

Today I need to learn how to say "I'll miss you" in Hindi.

Phir milege, mera dost! (See ya, my friend!)