>A little light recently went on in the dim recess at the back of my mind. I was reading a personal essay from someone in my wonderful, talented, most awesome writing group. "This is good," I keep thinking, jealous that I did not write it myself.

That's when the little hamster that runs on the wheel that powers my brain threw the switch. Dialogue! My friend's story rocked the house because it was not just a straight little narrative, but peppered with interaction between the characters. Interesting.

The hamster ran on its wheel harder than usual, and on Sunday while I was in the shower thinking about doctors' appointments, a dialogue happened. I was barely toweled off when I ran out of the bathroom to write it down in my notebook.

"What are you doing?" Husband asked, amused that I was sitting mostly naked on our bed scribbling furiously with red pen.

"Dialogue!" I replied and nodded.

"Indeed," Husband said. I agreed. It's all about dialogue!