>Without a doubt, the weirdest place I ever worked was also the first place. As a high school sophomore, I began processing orders at a tiny Jungian psychology publishing company called Chiron Publications. It was located in an office building above a pharmacy and across the street from the el, and was owned by a Jungian analyst who practiced down the hall. I am sad to see that they now are run through a distributor in New York, although not surprised given how unorganized it was. High school is almost like a Jungian night journey, and I had my trials and tribulations during my tenure there, but overall it was a good place. They treated me well and I worked there for two years.

The weirdest job I ever applied for was a Fruit and Vegetable Market Reporter with the USDA. The job entailed getting to the Hunt's Point Market in the Bronx at 5:30 am and checking out the produce and cut flowers, then writing a little report on where the market stands. I think I applied for this job about two years ago. I was at a low point in my child care advocacy career and wanted to do something different, but still helpful to the public. Sadly, I never even was offered an interview.

Realistically, there was no fucking way I was going to get up every day at 4:00 am so that I could get on the subway at 4:45 to get to this ridiculous job on time, but damn, I was so into the idea of being a Fruit and Vegetable Market Reporter. It just seems like it would be fun to wander around the market and talk to people about the price of batatas, cherimoyas, and/or limequats.