>While I wish that I can report that I've been so busy later because I am always taking overnight road trips with friends or getting a book published or something exciting, it is really because I am writing articles in a magazine for rich families. That said, some of the stories are definitely more interesting than others. I had four pieces in the March issue, ranging from two 100 word write ups on family-friendly resorts to a few hundred words on a new exhibit on evolution at the American Museum of Natural History to a four page piece on neighborhoods that are good for (wealthy) families. (If you are my parents or in-laws, I have hard copies for you, so you need not print these.)

The last article, and money shot so to speak, was a seven page fluff article on new luxury condos that families should consider moving to. Even the magazine staff refer to these types of articles as "real estate porn," which is a perfect description of it. Seriously, I felt dirty when I was working on it and every time I look at the damn thing, my soul dies a little bit. I don't have it scanned in yet; I can't bring myself to do it.