>I'm tired, but I did stop emitting toxic fumes from my ass. This is good because I went to a fundraiser for Planned Parenthood New York and the Haven Coalition, in which I had to get on stage in the middle of an excellent variety show featuring comedians and burlesque performers and depress everyone with the sad facts about women who were forced to travel to New York for abortions and had nowhere to stay. (With the help of Haven volunteers, they sleep in a safe home as opposed to on the street or in the bus station.) It would have not been cool to fart while I was holding a mic and trying to pull heartstrings.

Despite my depressing info session (which I did manage to leaven with a joke about hanging out in the back alley), the show was awesome. I am particularly smitten Desiree Burch, a comedian who launched into a 10 minute hilarious rant about why women should leave their snatch unshaven and proud. Oh, this woman is brilliant. Des and I nearly bust our guts laughing.

Also, I won a very exciting and sort of scary prize in the raffle. I shall take a picture of it and post it later/tomorrow.