>My fear of driving in Manhattan was temporarily overcome this morning at approximately 10:08 am when I successfully merged Fred the Red, our fine PT Cruiser, onto the Westside Highway. Two hours and 45 minutes and lots of '80s hits (bless satellite radio!) later (including a pit stop in both senses off the term - to fuel the car and let the fluid out o' my bladder), I pulled into Alex's driveway for a lovely visit. Now we are doing what all old friends do when visiting - sitting across the kitchen table from each other, blogging.

Now let's hope tomorrow's drive home will be just as pleasant. Something not nearly as painless as today's 200 mile trek is SuperSnark's hilarious and cringe-inducing story about her first Brazilian wax. Oh it makes me cry. Thank goodness Husband likes my slovenly, natural self, or I can guarantee we would get divorced. (And I would grant him custody of Fred with no problem, as he needs it to get to work when he is not business gallivanting about Europe. He'd be equally happy to concede Tycho the Giant Rabbit to me, as he is only waiting for him to die so he can redo the living room, anyway. Recently I insisted that Tycho and I smoke doobies and chat while Husband is on his business trips, which cracks us up because it is so silly to picture nerdy, good girl me imbibing in an illegal substance.) Anyway, I love Husband, and we are not gettting divorced, and I am very happy that he clearly like me and my wacky antics as is.

And no, Alex and I are not doing drugs right now either.