>Yesterday at the gym, I wanted to take a nice long run to counter the effects of the non-stop eating fest I engaged in. Slightly less than half way into the run, I was done in by side cramps and nasty acid reflux, so I switched to an elliptical machine. That’s when I saw something that really made me sick.

One of the TVs in the gym had on MTV, which was playing some show called Engaged & Underage. I missed the beginning of the program, but from what I could gather from the title and on-air shenanigans, it did seem to be about young men and women who insisted on getting married although they were practically children.

Fine, although depressing. What really got me was when a bride-to-be went over to her future mother-in-law’s in-house waxing business for some sort of bikini or Brazilian wax. (I tuned in when she arrived, and the closed captioning never made it specific which type of torture she was in for.) Her future sister-in-law was there to help as well. The girl lay down on the table, she put on some bikini bottoms (must have just been her bikini line?), and then covered her lower half with a towel. She cried and yelped in pain while her in-laws laughed and joked the whole time and called her a “good girl.” God, I wanted to puke. Incidentally, they also forgot to close the blinds, and her cootie was facing the window. The whole thing was creepy.