>I know that the Ralph Fiennes-flight attendant bathroom tryst is old news, but if someone can explain why anyone would want to have sex in an airplane bathroom, I would be grateful. I have used airplane bathrooms before, and I find that they are smelly and gross. Even in first and business class. Although once someone did thoughtfully leave a copy of Town & Country in the first class lav.

Also, if you clicked on the link and read the interview with the flight attendant who had unprotected sex with Fiennes in a plane bathroom, did you not think of two questions:

1. Why? (Yeah sure he's hot. I get it. But still.)
2. If you enjoyed the experience as much as you clearly did (which is cool), why are you now regretting that he might have "used" you? You seem to have used him, too. So the fuck what?

I can guarantee that my flights to London and back will be sex free. (Sorry Sara. I do promise we can snuggle up at Mara's if it is cold, though. You may not, however, put your cold tushie on me. I am not your hubby - I'm not warm enough to warm it up.) Just the thought of getting it on in a germy, tiny, smelly bathroom are enough to kill the libido.

On another note, does anyone else get irritated by the phrase "make love?" I hate that expression. It's so damn trite.