>Ignore the less-than-flattering photo of me modeling one of my very favorite childhood toys, my koala puppet Fuzzy Wuzzy, who has clearly seen better days and looks like I stuck my arm up the ass of some road kill with scary orange eyes. The real point of this picture is the excellent view of my parents' house. And my parents' asked me to not post any pictures of their house again after this. (However, if you come to the BlogHer Conference in Chicago this summer, perhaps I can arrange for a personal tour. I have connections.)

Anyway, I am sitting on the new recliner. Sister is sitting next to me on the old recliner with the holes in the cushion that are covered by a hideous croched blanket my Bubbe made. (She always picks questionable color combinations for her knitting.) The old recliner was supposed to be thrown away when the new one was obtained, but was not for some reason that had to do with my Bubbe insisting that we keep it although she does not live there. Whatever. At least there is plenty of seating for everyone, and a good range of choices between the rust-colored sofa, the blue recliner, and the brown leather recliner with blue, purple and white blanket.

Behind the chairs is the coat closet with only one bright blue folding door remaining. Next to that is the stairs. Notice the smoke detector with the lid hanging open. At the top of the stairs, barely visible, is a gazillion gallon humidifier that broke at least 10 years ago. Laundry is sometimes plopped on it, although for now there is a broken black & white TV hidden in the darkness.

One modern amenity visible in the kitchen is my parents' spiffy new oven. Hurray! (See parents? I ended this on a very nice note.)