>Dear Dickhead Developer I Spoke to Earlier Today:

Guess what? You may be rich and developing what you describe as "the best designed and most upscale building in New York City," but I think that you are a total fucking asshole. When I call to ask you to describe three things that you think make your building especially wonderful for [obscenely wealthy] families, I do not appreciate your little test. I know you thought you were so clever by asking me what I thought of it and thus revealing that I had not carefully read your obnoxious brochure describing the onsite screening room, etc. If I had not wanted to be fired from my little internship I would have told you the following:

1. I think your building is a morally corrupt hole in the fabric of society.
2. I think that the children who will live there will be some of the most spoiled, wretched excuses for humans who will probably grow up to be date rapists and other wastes of oxygen because they do not understand the meaning of the word "no."
3. Despite your smug assurances that the design is world-class, I find the environments shown on the website to be suffocatingly sterile and incredibly boring.
4. If I could set it on fire without getting caught, I would do so, preferably with no one in it dying (and certainly not any of the building staff), but it probably would not bring a fucking tear to my eye if there were casualities.

Finally, I think the neighborhood you chose to "develop" was far more interesting at the turn of century, when it was full of German and Czech immigrants and actually had culture, as opposed to the soul-sucking, mindless "luxurious" chain stores with which you developers are intent are replacing anything that is vaguely unique.

May you and your kind choke on your own excesses some day in the near future.

Best wishes,