>Husband and I had a small masquerade shindig at our apartment a few weekends ago, of which after the fact I thought about at least 10 people who we should have also invited. (If you are one of those people, I apologize for my disorganized stupidity over this. Have no fear - the problem will be rememdied for our next shindig. Oy.)

Anyway, I thought this was a nice pic of Dr. H, me, Dr. H's friend Dr. H, and Dr. P in disguise. Also, I don't mind if my parents turn the tables on me and use this picture to make good-hearted fun of my apartment, which is a fine candidate for mocking, starting with the mess that is visible in the upper right corner of the picture.

I'll be in London with Sara this weekeend, so I hopefully will not have time to blog because we shall be gallivanting about. Although I am taking my laptop with me, since I no longer seem to be able to function without it. It's like an articifial limb that props me up. Or maybe an artificial brain?