>Last night my mother-in-law randomly mentioned that Britney Spears shaved her head. Since I am behind the news (as always), many fine people have blogged and commented about this already, but I must say that CNN’s headline, “Britney Spears goes bald,” is rather inaccurate. (And really, why the fuck is this news in the first place?) The chick showed us very clearly that she was bald back in late November/early December when she gallivanted about wearing no pants or underwear. She just finally got around to coordinating. While I thought her bald snatch was gross, I find her hairless keppelah* sort of appealing.

One of the benefits of completely waxed snatch for a bottle blond like my young friend Brit is that there's not evidence (other than eyebrows, lashes, and irises) that you really are not blond. It seems that this won't be a concern any more, either. It's sort of time saver in so many ways. No need to fix the roots, deal with all the extensions, or even take time to style. Just wash your scalp and go. Convenient. I like it, Sam I am. I really like shaved heads and ham.**

*Yiddish lesson: keppelah = head.
**Alright, I still don't like shaved ham, but it rhymed so nicely, and I'm tired and easily amused this morning.