>Every once in a while, I am ridden with horrible anxiety and can't sleep. Tonight I spent some quality time with Tycho, my giant pet rabbit, and then I gave in and fired up the computer. After reading blogs for an hour or so, I googled "Campaign for Unshaved Snatch" and discovered that CUSS was included in a college newspaper in their sex slang dictionary (see post below for link). Then I decided to see what was up with my little CUSS online shop. Tears of joy seriously leaked out of my tired eyeballs when I noticed that two people who are not me or my mom bought CUSS shirts. (My dad wears his CUSS hoodie proudly. At least in the house.) I don't even know one of the two. Damn, that is awesome. Thanks, shoppers! You rock.

I need to go to sleep now. I will not be very functional tomorrow when I wrap up my article gushing over unsustainable and impractical luxury condo developments for Bugaboo Magazine. (One day, if I am not careful, I am going to fuck up while I interview someone for an article and forget to use its real name.)

Perhaps I will sleep well on my overnight flight to London, where Sara and I are headed to visit the queen (Mara) and her family. Yay!