>I wasn't going to bother writing anything about Valentine's Day and then my word of the day from Urban Dictionary was valentine's day, which to be nit picky, is not technically a word, but whatever. The definition in the email cracked me up:

The reason so many people are born in October.

There are a few other definitions of valentine's day in addition to the one in the email I received, but this is just the pithy best. Valentine's day, incidentally, is often why Haven is often busy at the end of July and early August.

Husband and I long ago abandoned any real efforts towards Valentine’s Day. I hate most contrived things, and “holidays” are no exception. I’m glad that February 14th contributes to the economy and all that, but it is just not for me. My perfect “romantic” evening is a lot more along the lines of what Husband and I did last night. We sat around the dining room eating random things for dinner because the timer on my crock pot did not go off and thus the diabetic lamb korma I planned to serve was not ready. Then we watched the last three episodes of “Heroes” (damn, that is one fine show) in our PJs (or in my case, my PJs, two pairs of socks, a sweater, and a robe because I was freezing). Then Husband warmed me up, so to speak. The only thing that would have made it better would have been if we went to the gym, but neither of us slept well the prior night and we were too tired to battle the cold and head over to the gym.

Tonight, if I am really lucky, we will go to the gym together, eat the re-heated lamb korma, and watch last week’s episode of “Survivor.” Good times.