>I love chocolate and cheese. My digestive tract hates chocolate and cheese. It is not shy about it. (If I was supposed to call you today and I did not, it is because there was interference from my guts. They had other plans for me. Sorry about that.)

I love Lover's Wine (Cranberry & Plum wine) from the Old Wine Cellar Winery in Amana, IA. Because everyone knows that the vineyards of Iowa are amongst the best in the world. (OK, love is a strong word for me and any wine, but that stuff is almost like candy, so it's not bad.) I hate Stone's Green Ginger Wine. This is a wine that Husband brought back from London that is made out of raisins and ginger. Yes, you read that correctly - raisins.

I love Fridays and Saturdays. I hate Mondays. I hate Sundays because they are the day before Monday and I waste a portion of the day hating Monday.

I love good parents. I hate bad parents, like the one my sister told me about when I spoke with her on the phone today. It seems that this one mom insists on dressing her three year old son in boxer shorts. While this is obnoxious in and of itself, the real problem is that the kid is not fully potty trained and shits himself. The turdies fall out of his loose boxers, down his leg, and on the floor. The kid's mom told Sister that they were at Wal-Mart and the kid shit himself and then suddenly there were turds on the floor. She said she laughed for hard she almost peed in her pants.