>Tomorrow is the first of a new month. I say it is about time. I was getting sick of February already. In 23 days, I am going to India. I had shots, filled prescriptions for anti-malarial and “just in case of explosive bloody diarrhea”drugs, and purchased lots of bug spray, some of which is very scary (you spray your clothes and it hangs around for 2 weeks to kill bugs, but the directions for use are along the lines of “don’t breathe while you spray this or for 10 minutes afterward, as a cloud of insecticide will surround your head”), so I am really ready. I need to go before I think about what this prep for the trip means and chicken out.

Anyway, the important thing about a new month for blogging purposes is that the first of the month is the Blog Exchange! I have prepared an extremely excellent piece (in my humble opinion) in fitting with the Exchange theme (“Pick a song, use the title as your post title, and write a post…”), which you will find at my new friend Laura’s blog, My Beautiful Life. It’s got comedy, injury, and tragedy, so check it out! A finely written piece from Laura will appear here at CUSS, which I am excited about.

In the meantime, happy last day of February.