>Fortunately, I only puked on the plane and in a plant at immigration. (For which I was so out of it, I forgot to apologize to the agents. Happily, they let me in anyway.) I've been feeling much better, and even ate a fantastic Indian dinner last night. Thanks for the well wishes!!!

This afternoon, we are heading out for tea and hopefully, if all goes well, we can convince Mara to journey over to Brick Lane for bagels with salt beef (corned beef). Mara took me to this Jewish place last time I was in London (Jan. 2006) and I salivate just thinking about it. Then, hopefully, on to Harrod's so Sara can buy her mum-in-law some perfume and we can poke around the food section, which always entertains me to no end. Also perhaps an exhibit of functioning adult slides at the Tate Modern.

No puking=good time. No octopodes involved. (I only wrote that so I can use my cool octopus label. Although I do hope that Husband had the sense to throw away the remaining octopi/octopodes that I left in the refridgerator...)