>Smooth sailing all the way back. The nice thing about buying gas in Connecticut is that you can just stick the nozzle in the tank and it will fill automatically. You can do that in Illinois, too, but not New York or Massachusetts, so I was quite shocked the first time I tried to fill a gas tank in either of those states. Anyway, I irresponsibily ran inside and emptied my tank while Fred's was being filled. The sad part is that I could have saved a lot of money if cars could run on natural gas. I ate a lot of food that triggers my natural gas production cycle over the last few days and could have powered my ride back to NYC if someone had figured out a way to harness this type of sort of environmentally friendlier, albeit toxic in its own way, fuel alternative.

I had a wonderful time visiting Alex, but it's also nice to be home. Tycho seems pleased to see me. I'm excited for my new assignments at Bugaboo Magazine tomorrow. Yay.