>I'm taking a few moments from my busy day at Bugaboo Times to address the issues that non-Blogger users are experiencing when trying to leave comments here at CUSS. Not that I want to compare my blog migration experience to the Cherokee Trail of Tears (because that is extremely offensive), but I'm going to do it anyway. Unlike the Cherokees, I was not always happy with my old Blogger property anyway and had hoped that my forced move to new Blogger would resolve many of my problems. Fortunately,this seems to have happened without anyone dying or other severe consquences. On the other hand, people are having trouble leaving comments, and really, I kind of live for comments. (It's like when a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it, does it make a sound?)

So to assist the commenting process, here's what I suggest:
1. Never, ever use the tab key to move between fields. It always fucks shit up. I know it is annoying. Sorry.

2. After typing the comment, click on the "other" button. Type your name and blog URL. Then when people click on it, they will get to your site.

3. Type in the word verfication. Do not hit tab. Use the mouse to publish the comment.

4. Curse at Blogger as often as needed. (They are the asshole idiots in my label.)

Incidentally, I had three vaccinations late this morning (polio booster in my right arm, TB booster and Hep B in my left) and my arms hurt like the fires of hell are raging within my muscles. This as much as my time at Bugaboo Magazine is why I am so late in posting.