>Sara and I are being interviewed for a documentary on abortion tomorrow morning. It is being directed by someone who had a small role in the movie Outbreak, but I forgot who. Regardless, we are very excited.

As Sara arranged for the interview, she reminded me that we would be on film. I knew what that meant: I’d have to wear makeup. “You’ll need to wear makeup,” she said. Since I don’t want to give the forced childbirth movement any more fodder against us reproductive rights advocates by appearing to be a flesh eating zombie in a documentary, I readily agreed. My biggest problem is that I do not know how to put makeup on, so Sara is having me over early to help me. She is even letting me use her powder, as I own none and imagine that powder is the single most important product a person needs before being filmed for anything.

The point is, I thankfully will not look like Harry Potter, Anne Frank, nor a flesh eating zombie in my film debut thanks to the magic of makeup. Hopefully, I will have some good stories to share after our segment on life as baby-killing minions is complete.