>Last night Husband and I journeyed out to Queens to have dinner with some friends who just bought a new house. The 7 train was not running, so we took trusty old Fred the Red, our PT Cruiser that we bought in August when Husband took a job in Connecticut. It turned out to be very fortuitous that we had Fred with us because our friends were getting rid of some furniture they didn't want to bring to the new place. You know how much I love free furniture, and I have wanted a buffet with a hutch for our dining room for a long time, so it was perfect!

Husband put the back seat down and the buffet slid in perfectly. The hutch, however, was a bit too big for the trunk to close. Given that it was freezing out, I was a bit hesitant to drive into Manhattan with the trunk open, but it actually worked out fine. (My digestive system cranked out some extra gas to heat up the car, which was thoughtful of it but also extremely smelly.) It was tying the trunk down that almost caused Husband and I to lose our hands to frostbite.

Long story short, it arrived safely as did our appendages. The hutch is white and looks fantastic in the dining room. For once we are also actually throwing away the old furniture that the new furniture is meant to replace, so we have a net gain of space. All very cool.