>Dr. P was supposed to go to Florida today for a surgery conference. Thanks to the rather unpleasant weather we are experiencing in New York today (although I am only experiencing it from the comfort of my apartment until I venture out to the gym for my Valentine's Day workout tonight), she is now at my dining room table with me because her flight was canceled. While I am sorry that she is not currently relaxing (er, learning about surgical procedures) in warmer climates right now, I am happy to see her, and she brought me some exciting news.

It seems that New York City is helping New Yorkers celebrate Valentine's Day safely by handing condoms out on the subways today. The condoms come in special wrappers with the color and number or letter of the subway line on it. They hope that when they do follow up research asking people if they used their free condom or not, they will avoid problems they had in the past of people not remembering where they got their free VD anti-VD condom. I think that is brilliant.

While we were trying to find the story on the New York Times website, we came across another heart-warming Valentine's Day sex story. This time it is about sex education classes that are being offered to senior citizens. As the article notes, rates of sexually transmitted disease have skyrocketed among seniors who came of age when condoms were just for preventing pregnancy. Now that Viagra is enabling the fogeys to get the rocks off, they need to know how to protect the repolished family jewels. Seriously, how much fun would I have teaching a class like this?

As an aside, pardon my worse than usual typing, as I got a papercut from an entire notebook and had to bandage the tip of my finger.