>Two weeks ago or so, I set a new goal for myself: to get a new rejection every day. The idea behind this was a) at least I’d be sending lots of work out; and b) at least I’d be getting a response, as opposed to hearing nothing from people who would possibly pay me to print my work. Since I set that goal, I have failed to actively fail, although I did get one rejection from a publisher on my weird New York City book proposal. That semi-cheered me up except that it really didn’t.

In even less encouraging news, I caught yesterday’s “Modern Love” column in the New York Times. This was the place I intended to send my I-was-the-worst-sex-columnist-in-the-history-of-sex-columnists story. Yesterday’s article, written by the editor himself, noted that he’s received a huge number of submissions about sex columnists who aren’t having sex and thus struggle to find something to write about. While that is not exactly my story, it’s pretty damn depressingly close. The only encouragement I took from this situation is that the editor did not mention that the essays would be funnier if they concluded with the authors becoming nuns.

Oh well. There’s always today and tomorrow and the day after that. In the meantime, anyone want to buy a $2.5 million “family residence” condo where the staff uniform is Burberry? (Yes, that is what I am writing about at my internship right now. Deep breath. It’s good experience…)