>Some time ago, Minnie posted a picture from back when she was an adolescent (it was classic!) and challenged others to do the same. It took me forever to get my ass in gear and remember while I was visiting my folks to look for a picture off me from The Really Awkward Years. Then when I did find one and brought it back to NYC with me, I discovered that our scanner didn’t work. So Husband ordered a new one in December (Canon CanoScan LiDE 25) which was cheap and basic and all I needed. It got here and sat in a box for a month before we got around to doing anything with it, but it is cool because it connects to the computer from a USB port and gets power from it, so there’s no separate power supply.

After all that, here I am in December 1986 at my roller skating birthday party, when we took a break for cake, ice cream, and juice:Husband had a long laugh when he saw this, but what is interesting is that I think this dork is still very much alive in me today. The only difference is that now I am cool with her and embrace her dorkiness. That panda shirt rocks the house, does it not?