>While Mara gives her kid medicine and changes her diaper and Sara naps, I thought I'd share my barfing adventures. After Sara and I arrived at the airport, we sat down for a quick bite. We were cahtting so animatedly that we nearly missed boarding the flight! Once we were on it, however, we learned that it was dealyed, and we chatted more. Our plan was to eat a second dinner, take an Ambien, and then sleep for the rest of the night. That was a good plan in theory.

I've taken a sleeping pill on a plane once before. It did not make me sleep. Instead, it gave me restless leg syndrome and some surreal out-of-body experiences. But it was over the counter, so I thought maybe a prescription pill would be better. After the restless leg syndrome and out of body experiences, I did seem to sleep.

I woke up as I projectile vomited all over myself. Normally, I would snap into action and do something about the viscous orange-brown goo that I had on my pants, socks, pillow, and Sara's blanket, but thanks to the Ambien, I could not focus. I beeped the flight attendant. They helped me get up and I stumbled into the bathroom and barfed more. Then I crawled over Sara somwhow and blacked out. When I woke up, I had a giant garbage bag to barf in and a fancy business class pillow. Sara had a nice fluffy duvet from first class. I felt awful. I drank water. I threw it up. Not cool.

Anyway, after throwing up in a plant at the immigration check, I conceded that perhaps we should take a cab to Mara's, not the tube. She gave us tea and then I took a nap. Now I feel a bit better, but still not 100%.

I don't think the Ambien caused my projectile vomit-o-rama, but prevented me from thinking clearly. I will stay away from these substances in the future.