>I am driving home tonight from Alex's. It is absurdly cold and windy. While I am snug inside Fred the Red, our PT Cruiser, with the heater on and the 80s music blasting, this is not such a problem. When I am standing outside at a gas station putting fuel into Fred the Red at 9:00 at night, I am not going to be pleased at all. Sometimes Greyhound really is a better way to go.

Tomorrow I am going to the travel medicine clinic to prepare for my trip to India at the end of March. Since I had Hep A in 2005, I don't need to worry about that vaccine. That leaves me to consider malaria, Japanese encephalitis, Hep B, rabies, and typoid, according to the CDC's information on recommended travel medicine for Southeast Asia. I assume that I will not get shots for all of these, especially all at once. (Plus, malaria protection comes in pill form, not injection.) If I am all shot up, I suspect that my second full day at my internship at Bugaboo Magazine* will be zanier than anticipated.

*Of course, the publication is not actually called Bugaboo Magazine, but it is targeted to that obnoxious monied crowd that is ruining my neighborhood with their asshole luxury condo developments and their ginormous SUV strollers that push non-important people like me off the sidewalk, so it cracks me up to call it that. Even though I am making fun of it, I am pretty excited to have an internship and be assigned stories. Stay tuned for links.