>I love the utterly ridiculous chandelier in my parents' dining room. Not only is the ceiling way to low for such a pretentious item, but it is not centered in the room. Remember, I am slightly over five feet tall, and even I am at risk of beheading by that thing. I did really really love the chandelier as a kid, though. I thought it was extremely glamorous and I was impressed that it had flame-shaped light bulbs.

Other notable features of the dining room: The cereal collection on the chair in the corner. Below that chair, barely visible, is my mom's bag of bags. It is a huge plastic bag that contains plastic bags of varying size. (I am not mocking the bag of bags. I actually have several of them in my own apartment. I don't know why, but I am obsessed with finding just the exact size for an object when I need a bag. It drives me crazy to use a bag that is unnecessarily large.)

The china hutch next to the Chair of Cereal contains real china. I've also always loved their pattern. It's just classy and simple. (One wonders what it is doing at our house...) Oh, but it also contains a plastic plate my sister made as a kid. Plus lots of random glassware and hideous crystal candy dishes that my Bubbe foisted upon us. (With more to come, as she is soon moving and cleaning house. Oy vey.) Also, the top of the china hutch is stocked with office supplies and what appears to be some sort of paper bug crawling up the wall. I have no idea what the fuck that is.

The buffet is chock full of papers and gym shoes, like all buffets. No need to say more. And, folks, is the dining room at my folks house. Soon we shall visit the kitchen, a tiny preview of the wallpaper can be obtained from this picture by looking past the very bright blue folding door. (Cue scary music.)
As an aside, the hat I am wearing in this picture is my third scary bear hat, although the ears are hidden by the chandelier. (The first died a sad death, the second was lost.) I am most displeased to report that I lost my third scary bear hat last Tuesday. It was last seen tied around my neck. When I got off the subway and reached back to put it on, there was nothing there. If you know any place to get Scary Bear Hat the 4th, I will gladly take any guidance.