>I heard nothing back from the stupid fucks at my former employers about whether they would do anything about my request to fix my W-2 so that it was my actual address, not:

Suite 1800
New York, CA 94111

. I put in a call to the office and had the following surreal conversation:

Idiot: Yes, we filed an amendment to have it fixed.
Me: When can I expect it?
Idiot: When I get it, I'll overnight it to the office.
Me: (In my head: WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU? DO I FUCKING LIVE AT THE OFFICE? NO, THANK GOD i DO NOT!!!!!) Um, can you please send it directly to me? It is already significantly delayed.

Idiot: Well, I'm afraid it might get lost in the mail.
Me: (Losting patience) How do you think I got it in the first place? You overnighted to the office, where they sent it to my home after my real address was written on the envelope next to the little plastic window. I am suggesting that you overnight it to me, given that it is late and it is Idiot Fuck Company's* fault that it is late. You need to eat that $10 shipping charge.

Idiot: (Hesitating) I guess I could. But really, why do you need the correct form anyway? It's not like the IRS is going to know if you file electronically. You should file electronically.

Seriously. This is what the person in PAYROLL asked me. It seems that she does not know that a copy of my W-2 is sent to me after it is already filed with the IRS, and their records might find it odd when I fill out my forms (electronically or on paper) that I live in a non-existant town in a San Francisco zip code with no street address according to my employer records, but I claim to live in an actual residence in New York, and I only want to pay New York taxes. No, not a big deal at all, especially if I was audited.