>Last September, Husband went to a presentation from a venture capital group that was held at the Philadelphia Planetarium. For no good reason other than the meeting was being held at a planetarium, the key note speaker was an obscenely wealthy guy who was the third private citizen to go into space by paying the Russians a lot of money. Husband said that his presentation was mostly boring, but the highlight was his explanation of how people shit and piss in space, complete with pictures. It seems that astronauts’ doody ultimately winds up in some sort of sealed box, which is then ejected into space.

Now picture this: some sort of other life form in the universe finds a large box floating into its home. “How lovely,” it thinks. “Someone sent me a gift!” Upon opening the box, however, (and hopefully before sampling it, think it is chocolate, a favorite food of all life forms) the life form discovers that some asshole has in fact sent it a turd. It is embarrassed and repulsed, and feels rather degraded. It never mentions the incident to any of its kind.

If we are not careful, this could happen over and over again. And one day, the other life forms are going to get really pissed. They will trace the space poop back to earth, invade the planet, and kill us all, which I often think we deserve at the rate we are going, anyway.

Space littering is a bad idea.