>Once in a while, I am surprised by the lack of personal attacks I get from anonymous commenters at CUSS. Of course, I don’t get many visitors, and about half are looking for porn and go away quickly without reading anything when they don’t get the pictures of “jewish pussy” or whatever else they seek. Thus my surprise to find the following (anonymous, of course) comment on Monday’s post called Igloos and Beavers:

You are really crass. I picture you as a chubby, homely, dark-haired foulmouth with no class or ladylike qualities. Grow up and get over your beaver already!

Yes, I am indeed rude and crude, and damn proud of it! Quite frankly, I find “ladylike qualities” to be highly overrated. Traditionally, “ladylike qualities” involved sitting around quietly, having no opinions, and looking pretty. Why the fuck would I want this? It seems boring and not fun at all.

Clearly, I am foul-mouthed. Whoop-de-doo. A lot of people assume that outspoken women are “chubby” and “homely.” A lot of people, however, are idiots, so this isn’t surprising. I am just rolling my fat eye in my hideous face, chuckling. I do find it intriguing, however, that being foul-mouthed is associated with being “dark-haired.” Doesn’t that sound a bit odd, even sort of racist or anti-Semitic? Seriously, are light-haired women somehow more ladylike? How fucked is that?

Classy people always spend their time chiding others and insulting their appearance anonymously, don’t they? (I always wish that these folks would mention how they came to be at my blog in the first place. Don’t you imagine it being something like, “I was googling those Victoria’s Secret undies with the little hole cut out in the back for easy anal access, and I found your offensive blog.”) I guess it’s why I lack such a fine quality. Well, so be it. I’m certainly not going to lose my much needed beauty sleep over it. Good night.