>Today I went to a small consulting job. While on my lunch break, I walked over to what used to be one of my favorite quirky New York-y restaurants. It is called Eisenberg's Sandwich Shop and until recently when they added a new eating area in the back, it hadn't changed since 1929. The place is so narrow that it only had room for the lunch counter and three tables for two on the other side of the wall before the back room materialized out of nowhere. It also has kick ass chicken salad sandwiches - just lots of moist, big chicken pieces, mayo, and a few celery chunks. (In addition to the chicken salad, it is known for its tuna, matzo ball soup, and chocolate egg creams.) Yum.

I sat at the counter and ordered a cup of vegetable soup to go with my sandwich. The short order cook/waiter told me that a bowl is the same price, so he would give me a bowl. Why not? I shrugged. The more veggies, the better. Imagine my surprise when the bowl arrived and the soup looked strangely familiar. Like with little noodles in it shaped like letters and a high potato chunk count in a viscus red broth. Um, yes. It was fucking Campbell's Soup!!!! Never have I been to a restaurant before and so blatantly been served fucking canned soup. I ate it anyway, and it was fine.

When the bill arrived, however, all was not fine. They charged me THREE DOLLARS for a small bowl of fucking Campbell's Soup!!! Damn, I was PISSED. And that was before I even noticed that my can of Diet Coke ran me $1.95!!!! (My modest sandwich was even $6.75, which was quite the steep price increase since I was last there, but possibly worth it.) God damn, that place has fucking balls. Balls!