>When we were kids, Sister and I used to roller skate all the time in our basement. (Making the downstairs bathroom very useful; we didn’t even need to take our skates off if we had to go! And this picture, incidentally, is a peak at my bedroom at my folks' house.) Around the time I was 10 or 11, I bought some new skates. I thought I would be very practical by buying a pair that were several sizes too big for me so that I could grow into them and never need to buy skates again. This was my clever plan to save money. Unfortunately, I grossly misjudged how big my feet would get, and never even came close to fitting into them properly.

The good news is that Sister outgrew her skates, and when she took a pair of skates from my parents’ basement, where they were stored with a random assortment of other rejected childhood items, back with her to Iowa, her skates were too small, but my old skates fit her perfectly. I decided that I should take her skates. It turns out they are a little large. I am fairly convinced that my feet have actually shrunk in the past few years.

Anyway, after putting one skate in my bag and the other in Husband’s so that the weight would not be overwhelming, I was excited to begin skating in NYC. Except that it is fucking freezing here right now. Sure, I tried to skate a bit in my apartment, but it is really too filled with furniture to get a good roll on. The lobby worked a bit better, but out of fear of being yelled at, I only did a quick loop around it.

Oh spring. Please get here soon.