>I've never really liked change. I try to be adaptable in most cases, but I'm very stubborn. I'm the oldest of four kids. My parents always put me in charge of my brothers and sister and I think I've developed a bit of a control-freak personality. Because of this, change is something I need to be prepared for.

Take for example, my theories on parenting Dawson. I generally rule when it comes to anything related to my son. Poor Doug is often left behind when it comes to my opinion of "My Way or the Highway".

I don't do it to be mean or spiteful; I just always feel that I'm the "better" parent, even though Doug is a wonderful father.

I even have these moments of stress where I get angry that he doesn't take more control of the parenting reigns only to dislike, even dread the way he handles certain situations with Dawson.

I don't know why I act that way! Is it genetics? My mother was the primary caregiver because my father worked hard and often long hours. Is it instinctual? Do women feel that we have to be the rulers of our children and our mates are incompetent sidekicks?

Maybe it's a disease I've become infected with? Maybe it's the "Super Mommy Syndrome" and we can't cure it. We just have to have everything perfect and in its place and our children need to be dressed perfectly and disciplined well and perfect manners to boot?

I admit my two year old has no capacity for manners. He doesn't know the word "please". But in my delusional Super Mommy World, I feel he's the image of perfection.

Things will never change. I'll always think that I have to be in control. I'll never change. Change can be good, but yet I can't handle it. Even the slightest shift in parenting power -- giving a bit more control power to Doug -- it may kill me. What ever will I do? Do other mother's feel this way, too?

*Dana resides in (cold!) Wisconsin with her husband Doug, two-year-old son Dawson and a Boston Terrier named Murphy. She blogs about anything and everything at The Dana Files. You can find Suzanne at her place today!

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