>Yesterday I was forcibly "migrated" to the upgraded version of Blogger. I am sort of excited about it, as there are some very helpful new features on this version (like when a comment is emailed to me, it tells me what post it appears in conjunction with; I can label my posts) but I also have heard some complaints about it. As with any new relationship, only time will tell whether we are meant for each other.

Speaking of new relationships, last night Husband and I joined an old NYU chum for dinner. As we reminisced about the people we knew, Chum reminded me of a particularly unsavory story. Husband's roommate for all three years that he lived in NYU housing was a scrawny, computer geek Italian Republican from Long Island who we shall call Frank. Frank was fairly moderate, but he did love saying highly offensive things to annoy people, and he was a genial misanthrope in general. (We did indeed have things in common despite our enormous political gulf, so generally we got along fine.)

Anyway, not long after Frank began dating a woman he had lusted after for years, he was sitting at the dinner table with his parents. "What color are her nipples?" his dad asked wolfishly. Frank was pissed at his dad's utterly disgusting and disturbing question, and did not answer.

The two morals of the story: Frank's dad is a disgusting creep. And until I heard that story, it never even occurred to me that nipples came in such a rainbow of colors that one might speculate about the hue of another. (I guess I don't consume enough porn.) So even leering perverts might teach you something new.