>A few weeks ago, a "nonpartisan" book came out called "Who Really Cares: The Surprising Truth About Compassionate Conservatism" by Arthur C. Brooks. I was asked to look at this book and write about it by a friend who is starting his own magazine. Every time I touch this book, though, I feel like my soul just got a new stain on it.

The book is a great reminder of why I loathe conservative firebrands. They have a very special knack for looking at data, claiming to analyze it, hiding the figures at the back of the book, and then writing a book in which the data supports nothing they say it does. There is a word for this, and it is lying.

For example, look at this chart, which I copied directly from page 192. (I'll wait...)

OK, does that chart indicate that liberals are less generous than conservatives, as Mr. Brooks claims in his book? No it does not. It says that religious conservatives and religious liberals are equally involved with charity. It says that secular liberals are less involved in charity than religious folks, and it demonstrates that secular conservatives are the biggest fucking assholes on the planet. Overall, I am going to have to say that this chart does not support Mr. Brooks's point in the least. Not that it did not stop him from saying that it did.

And that, folks, what I call a lie. Or as Colbert would say, an "untruthiness."