>I just learned from Queen Bad Mama that it is National De-Lurking Week. I realize that it is Thursday, and the week is almost over, but it is not over yet! That means that all of you who are reading CUSS and never saying anything still have time to leave words of wisdom! All two of you who are not here for a whopping 3 seconds before you realize that CUSS is not going to answer your deperate and pathetic prayers for "jewish pussy" or "pubic hair showing in low rise jeans."

On the other hand, I can totally understand why anyone who regularly reads this blog might not want to admit to doing so. I appreciate your visits regardless. And later today I shall reward the faithful by introducing a magic product that Des unwittingly gave me. I know I am giggling with anticipation! (If you are too, why don't you say so? It's the perfect chance to de-lurk.)