>So last week it was in the 60s in Chicago. Today it is snowing. Tomorrow the high will be 15 degrees F. I guess the Bush administration will seize upon this return to normality as proof that there is no global warming. They have short attention spans and memories.*

Incidentally, one of the things I hate about global warming is that some would use it as a call to the cause of non-stop shaving. I mean, who needs body hair to help retain body heat if it is never cold? This is a chilling future for lovable fuzzy beavers and furry pussies. Where's PETA when it really matters?!?! Save the beavers, dammit!

*I did not see An Inconvenient Truth, but I think I read somewhere that global warming actually causes extreme weather. These unhealthy, sudden switches from unseasonable warmth to "normal" nasty cold seem to mark that in my mind.