>Husband's friend called a few nights ago to ask us what he and his wife should do while they are in Buenos Aires for vacation. Back in Jan. 2004, Husband, Stupid McFuck, and I joined Dr. P in her motherland for 6 days of one of the most relaxing vacations I ever went on. Since I could not remember what the hell we did except eat a lot of really delicious food and wander around, I looked back at our pictures from the trip. This led me to also view pictures of a roadtrip that Husband and I took in Oct. 2003 to Massachusetts and upstate NY. Here are some from the zoo, where the awesome wife of another one of Husband's friend's worked:
This is Husband in the giraffe compound. We were able to pet the giraffe, which was very cool. Little hairs were stuck to my hand when I was done. I didn't expect that.
Somehow, despite my awful hair, puckery eyes that look like I'm in some Dutch Renaissance painting, and retainer, I did not scare away all the butterflies. Thank goodness I finally cut my hair short, no matter how many people tell me I look butch!This is at the TePee, a tourist trap from the 1950s that is dying thanks to the NYS Thruway. I loved it there especially because there was a chili stand as well, run by a character with the nom de guerre "TePee Pete." The chili kicked major ass. I also bought some strangely delicious salsa. Now that Husband and I have a car, I hope to go back there this summer, assuming it is still around.

Husband and I sure have some good times. It makes me smile to think about them.